Accolades for Trail of Deceit by Dr. John House

 Trail of Deceit

Published by Limitless Publishing

John House

TRAIL OF DECEIT by Dr. John House, a drama set on the Appalachian Trail, has more twists and turns and switchbacks than the trail itself.  Dr. John House propels this page-turner forward with crisp, evocative writing and short chapters supporting numerous scene changes.  The book starts out as a seemingly clichéd tale–four college-age kids out to hike a section of the trail find themselves stalked by a killer–but ends up as anything but.  In fact, like me, you may actually find yourself rooting for the “bad” guy by the end of the story.  Well, almost.  Dr. House puts a clever spin on what could have been an ordinary novel and turned it into an outstanding read.

  • Buzz Bernard, author of EYEWALL, PLAGUE, SUPERCELL and soon-to-be-released, BLIZZARD